In a valley of the Italian Alps

Sesto is a picturesque town in South Tyrol, a province located in northern Italy. This pretty village is known for its evergreen meadows, its shining sky, its alpine charm and it seems that now it will also be known for its contemporary architecture. PLASMA Studio has made, with this, five jobs in this small dolomitic town, which for an architectural study that works in large cities around the world is a very high concentration.


On this occasion, work has been carried out to expand a guest house, the Alma Residence, built in the 60s of the last century with a classic structure with a cubic shape and a gabled roof. The addition made to the previous classical structure has been resolved in a spectacular way, the previous roof was removed and the house was extended in the rear and a large structure was created that unites both the old and the new parts.


Like a spine, this lattice-like structure allows a 360º view of the exterior. And the light, that powerful light of the Dolomites floods the whole house.


From any part of the house you can glimpse the exterior, that film landscape that surrounds this modern and peculiar guest house and now also housing and architectural study, since it has been made by one of the architects that make up the studio as a home particular.


In the photograph above you can see what remains of the original construction and how it grows as a bridal veil or backbone of a large dinosaur.


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