If you want durable floors, sign up for the epoxy resin

One of the segments that tends to wear more easily is the floor due to the furniture and the intense traffic of people. If you want to avoid having to change ceramics every few years, it is best to use epoxy resin , a chemical material similar to silicone that increases the life time of any surface.

If you want durable, shiny floors, stick to epoxy resin3

Epoxy resin and resin coating

Although the epoxy resin and the kitchen coating seem to be the same thing, the truth is that, although they have the same purpose, they are very different. The confusion arises because the main component of both is the epoxy resin, a polymer in liquid state , transparent and similar to silicone, which hardens with some chemical accelerators and is used to cover floors or walls. This adds a thick transparent layer to the floor that allows to see the material with which the soil is made, the texture and the color. Likewise, it increases the life time of any surface in the face of dirt, high traffic and climate changes.

If you want durable floors, sign up for the epoxy resin

What is epoxy paint?

The application of epoxy paint is equal to that of any paint . It consists of applying a thin layer of epoxy resin with accelerators and dyes. However, despite the hands you give it will not get beyond 0.3mm thick, which will make any imperfection of the floor is perceived. This means that if you are looking for a surface that is completely smooth, you will have to make a pairing and leveling before.

Now, if you want to maintain the natural finish of the previous material, epoxy paint is the ideal choice. In addition, it protects the material and its cost is much lower than that of the coating. Another advantage of epoxy paint is its protective coating that makes it useful for cooking and bathing.

If you want durable flooring, join the epoxy resin 1

Resin coating

The resin coating is more consistent and can reach about 5mm thick, after giving several layers, which allows to match any leveling error and cover any imperfection. This will make the floor treated with resin coating do not need an extra treatment, so the result is more smooth and shiny. In addition, it can be used in all types of terminations, from concrete to ceramics. However, the cost is much higher than epoxy paint and can be up to five times more.

If you want durable flooring, sign up for epoxy resin 2

In which cases to use one or the other?

If you have surfaces of organic material such as wood or cork and want to maintain that termination, uses epoxy paint to accentuate the reliefs and textures thanks to the brightness. On the other hand, if you only want to add a thin layer of protection to the ground, this painting is the ideal one. It also serves for smooth concretes, porcelain and ceramics. In case you want to maintain the aesthetics of a rough material, but that, in turn, a smooth, shiny and resistant surface is perceived, It uses the resin coating, because its thickness will leave any shiny and neat surface . It will even increase the resistance to heat, humidity and constant traffic.

If you want durable flooring, join the epoxy resin 3

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