Ideas with nautical air for the interior of the house

To introduce the nautical theme in a decoration, you do not need to live by the sea. And it is not necessary to reproduce the interior of a ship for it. Let's see below decorations of nautical air simple and nothing exaggerated.


As you will see, it is not necessary to fill the house with brass objects or seashells. With the choice of the right colors, for example, we will be introducing the sea in our house. The kitchen above perfectly represents this idea, only that deep blue reminds us of the marine theme.


In this bathroom the mirror that resembles a porthole and the furniture with the appearance of an old trunk are enough to refer us to the nautical theme.


Let's see the previous kitchen in more detail, the navy blue color of the furniture, the gold of the taps and the string lamps are a good and simple reference of the sea. So he avoids the clichés about the decoration of marine air.


A subtle beach air is what breathes in this living room with its white background and floor and textiles with striped patterns.


A marina and a simple copper lamp are enough reference to always keep in mind our passion for the sea.


Here we can also observe a subtle marine inspiration with the sisal carpet and the lamps reminiscent of those of the ships.


The chairs have a clear beach feel, the fur rug reminiscent of the beach sand and the low furniture simulates the horizon line. A way to decorate with nautical air fleeing the obvious.


This bathroom is also a good example of subtlety when introducing the sea at home. The bathroom curtain with its striped pattern and the round mirrors are what introduce the marine theme into the decoration.


Although sometimes you can use direct references, such as these planes and painting, but in an original way avoiding the excessively hackneyed.


In this dining room, the marine theme is simply invoked with the coating of the walls made with marine board and the gorgonians or sea fans framed in the wall.

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