Ideas to share the room

During childhood or adolescence, it is very common in many homes to share a room with a brother or sister when there is a lack of space. Sometimes there may be conflict in terms of decoration, especially when the brothers have different tastes or between them there is a noticeable age difference (if one has already entered adolescence and the other does not). Through these proposals we will see some examples of shared bedrooms where there is no lack of charm, fun and solutions for everyone.

Shared rooms 1

Do a boy and a girl share a room? These can be good examples of how to mark a certain â € "territorialityâ €?, To establish an own space inside the bedroom for each one. This is very practical if they are still small.

Shared rooms 2

You can also opt for a uniform decoration, for cases in which both are of the same sex, are twin brothers, or have similar tastes. In any case, you can create decorations as unique as you want. The question is to create a space in which children or young people feel comfortable and can spend time without missing anything.

Shared rooms 3

Another option for these cases is to create a neutral decoration, like the one in this white bedroom that evokes the purity and magic of childhood. In this case the most superfluous decoration is dispensed with and the space is filled with the dolls and toys of the children.

Shared rooms 4

In the last proposal, we have a special neutral bedroom for girls. The room is nourished by sophisticated small details and above all by an open space that creates a very special, story-like atmosphere.

Shared rooms 5

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