Ideas to set up an outdoor playground

If you have small children and you have a garden at home you should consider creating a playground for them. Below we show you a few ideas but there are many more possibilities. And do not think you need a huge plot, often enough with a small space for your children to have fun outdoors.


Talking about this topic, the typical tree house always comes to mind. It is a good inspiration that we can develop even without having a large tree in the garden. We can take advantage of a corner and build a wooden shed that we can complement with various accessories.


But even with a couple of square meters we can create a playground for our children and teach them the traditional games that we still remember from our childhood.


Neither do you have to worry much about the materials, any budget will be sufficient if we know how to take advantage of and recycle. Using wood and other recovered materials will be a good way to raise awareness of our children and rest assured that they will have as much fun.


A simple tree stump or a trunk cutout can be used as in this case to create a traditional table game. And the chips are pebbles painted, lower economic investment impossible.



You already know how well the little ones spend it with a blackboard, all the children like to paint, color and draw. But the chalks usually dirty a lot with the dust they give off, installing a good slate in the garden will be a great solution for everyone.


This circuit made with cement tiles is very economical and the kids will have fun playing with their strollers.


Although we can commission or create ourselves, if we have enough dexterity in DIY, almost professional play areas like the one above.


Recreational elements of this type can be built more or less elaborately in a corner of the garden. And they can count on different areas for children to climb, climb and finally exercise.


Here we have another great example that as we can say that it is very complete for the leisure of children and also has a low aesthetic impact.


There are many ways to create a recreational area in the garden within reach of all economies and tastes. From the most classic or typical games parks to elaborations made with a little imagination and recovered material.


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