Ideas to recycle your own bathtub

The amount of ideas to make from a old bathtub They are many and very surprising. Here we bring you a variety of proposals to do in your own home from vintage bathtubs , that is to say, those that were before in many houses. It is about making the most of an old piece and, instead of taking it to the container, making it a different and decorative piece of furniture for our home.

Ideas for reusing tubs 1

One of the main ideas is to make a sofa as incredible as these that we show you. Maybe it's a bit bulky because we have to cut the bathtub in half and then sand and paint. But to see how precious seats can be built with a little skill and desire. Sofas for the little ones in the house, so they can play, either for ourselves or our pets. Incredible ideas to put anywhere in the house.

Ideas for reusing tubs 2

Ideas for reusing tubs 3

Another idea that has caught our attention is transforming the old bathtub into a small pond for the garden . All we have to do here is dig a hole in the ground for the bathtub, and then fill it with water and aquatic plants. This can be a great idea if we have enough space to incorporate it into our little piece of private land.

Ideas for reusing tubs 4

This next creation is also wonderful. Let's take the bathtub as flower pot for our terrace plants. As we can see, these are always practical ideas and within reach of all pockets, since recycling furniture is the cheapest thing there is. And we will also be doing good to the ecosystem, by not generating garbage.

Ideas for reusing tubs 5

We hope you like it!


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