Ideas to quickly renew your decoration

One of the advantages of acquiring experience in the world of decoration is knowing that you can transform a space in a very short time and without having to do big works or spend a lot of money. When we have the trained eye we can make great transformations with little effort. And the great transformations do not necessarily go through great works, when you know what to change or add you can achieve a great effect with very little.

Decorating ideas 1

A successful detail can completely transform the air of a room. This false fireplace can be made with the right material in a very short time. And of course it will become a central point that will attract the visitor's gaze.

Decorating ideas 2

The carpets are magnificent complements that can help us greatly to change the decoration of a room. Not only because of their design and color but also because of their size they have the quality to transform spaces only with their presence.

Decorating ideas 3

Painting is another of the great resources to make quick and economical changes in decoration. This proposal is very interesting, paint the walls of a room in different shades of the same color.

Decoration ideas 4

Painting the doors in striking colors is another good option very interesting. They will add color and vitality to decoration that is too uniform or dull.

Decorating ideas 5

In the bedrooms you can carry out a great transformation simply with the bedding. We tend to uniformity, to work with a couple of colors more or less, and add some more color to the bedding will create a more cheerful atmosphere.

Decoration ideas 6

Wallpaper is another indispensable weapon to change the decoration without great work. A wall or the bottom of a shelf are enough to change the appearance of the piece.

Decorating ideas 7

Changing pillow cases is also a very simple task with great results. Any change in the textile is a good revulsive to animate any environment.

Decorating ideas 8

In this staircase a magnificent change has been achieved simply by painting this motif in the form of stripes on the steps. It is an ideal solution when the staircase and its surroundings are painted in neutral colors.

Decorating ideas 9

We all have a huge personal photographic archive, of our trips and vacations or of any other kind of experiences. Choose an image that we like and send a good enlargement is also an easy way to get a good decorative complement.

Decoration ideas 10

Here, as the white color predominated, it was decided to paint part of the walls in black. It creates a strong contrast and in a very easy way.

Decoration ideas 11

A very original solution is the one we see in the image above, an oriental style screen that combines very well with the rest of the furniture placed in front of the window. We achieve several objectives, reduce the natural lighting that the curtains can not stop and create a small space that can be used to store objects.


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