Ideas to organize the toilet

When multiple packages of makeup, creams, lipsticks and other beauty products accumulate, a small chaos originates. It is time to make a decision and put our dresser in order. Then we will show you in this article a good number of options to organize and have ordered the beauty products packaging in the dressing table.

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There are several storage systems for beauty products that can be divided into three large groups. Organizers for drawers, wall and desktop. We will see several examples of each of these groups.

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Ideas for the toilet 3

Ideas for the toilet 4

Above we can see three examples of boxes compartmented in transparent plastic material, there are several qualities either polycarbonate or methacrylate. They are very useful because they allow us to use the drawers of the toilet cabinet in a more rational and orderly manner. They have sections of different sizes to store the containers by sizes and products.

Ideas for the toilet 5

Ideas for the dressing table 6

Ideas for the toilet 7

When we do not have a dressing table or the one we have does not have drawers or we have already filled it, we can install these wall organizers that as small compartmentalized shelves will allow us to have our beauty products in order and in sight. They are usually made of wood, although there are also plastic and metal materials.

Ideas for the dressing table 8

Ideas for the dressing table 9

A subgroup within the wall organizers are the magnetic ones. They consist of a metal sheet that allows to fix the containers in them. With the same function there are also velcro panels to organize at the same time that we decorate with our style dressing table .

Ideas for the toilet 10

Ideas for the dressing table 11

Ideas for the toilet 12

Ideas for the toilet 13

Ideas for the dressing table 14

Ideas for the toilet 15

Finally we have multiple models of desktop organizers, which more beautiful, these allow us to dispose on the furniture dressing table our favorite products and tools, in an elegant and orderly manner.


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