Ideas to organize the kitchen

In the kitchen the storage spaces never end up being as one would like. The kitchen utensils, pots and pans have their own characteristics that require customized solutions. It is not only about having more or less space but that the space is conditioned for the different elements that we keep in the kitchen. Here are some ideas so that the storage In the kitchen, it is not only better used but also more practical and easy to use.

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If we have a tablet and we use it to see recipes and cooking tips we will need a support for it. This folding stand is a good idea to have our tablet in the position of use, we can visualize the recipe while we make it.

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The lids of the pots and pans are the most special elements when storing them. The handles always bother or trip over something. This idea, to create an additional drawer just for them, is simple and very practical.

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The cutlery drawer is another space that requires a good dose of order. One way to get more space and more organization is to create a sliding tray that is placed over the drawer. We will have the cutlery and other cooking tools much more organized.

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A separating panel to store trays or other similar elements in an upright position will allow us to improve storage. It will also facilitate us the use, we will have them in sight and we will find them immediately.

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A sliding panel, installed on sliding guides, will facilitate the storage of cleaning products and utensils.

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The cutting boards can be clearly visible only by installing a simple support on the door of the kitchen cupboard.

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Another simple way to get more storage space is by adding shelves to the cabinets, just install one more shelf and we will gain a lot of space.

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For the knives we can install a wooden block attached to the inside of one of the cabinet doors. We will always have them at hand and in order.

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