Ideas to organize the bathroom

When we live in a small house or a small apartment, the design of the bathroom It becomes a great challenge because it must be done in such a way that we are able to make the most of the space, especially when we intend to have storage space in said bathroom. It even becomes more worrying if you have a washing machine and dryer and there is still no laundry room to conveniently install these devices and make use of them.

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No matter how small your bathroom is, yours is not a lost case, because with the right ideas of saving space, you will be able to create storage units spacious and functional under and next to most bathroom fixtures including sinks, cupboards and bathtub.

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The shelves or furniture that are installed under the sink allow us to keep clean towels and toiletries for each member of the family and a towel rack for towels in use. Even the first aid kit can fit on these shelves. One good thing about this type of shelving is that it does not have to occupy any space. You can even install furniture with drawers with special solutions for a great use of space when it is scarce.

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We can also use the bathroom as a laundry, we can install the washing machine and the dryer in built-in furniture. It is a solution when we do not have a specific space for these appliances.

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A bathtub requires a bathroom big but instead we can take advantage of the space around the bath to take advantage of the holes as storage areas.


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