Ideas to integrate extractor hoods to decoration

The extractor hood is an essential device in the kitchen so that it does not fill us with the vapors and odors of cooking. It obviously has a very important practical function but as an object that occupies a space and has a certain volume we can also see in it an indisputable aesthetic part. It is simple, the fire area in a kitchen is usually in a central point of the room and over it always installed an extractor hood. So we have an object that we can use practically as an aesthetic resource in the decoration of the kitchen.


So let's see the important importance that this appliance has when it comes to decorating our kitchen. Logically in the market we will find all kinds of bells that adapt to different decorative styles. Of course it will not be a problem in that sense, we will always find the ideal bell to make our kitchen look perfect.


And if we do not find the ideal bell but we have some original idea we can adapt any basic model customizing it to our liking. This is the case of the superior example in which a wooden bell has been made that can support any type of built-in extractor inside.




The bell must be according to the style with which the kitchen has been decorated. If it has been in avant-garde style we have very varied options for your choice. Although we will always find ourselves between the two great currents, that the bell goes unnoticed or that it stands out. So we find from the models that are integrated into the ceiling and barely seen until they present an attractive and striking design.


Breaking the schemes is never wrong and for example with a fairly normal model, like the one above, but with an installation of the extractor tube, we get an interesting industrial touch.



The choice of the extractor hood depends on several technical considerations that we must take into account apart from the aesthetic function. If the kitchen is open we will need a more powerful bell so that the vapors and odors do not invade the rest of the unit. When the kitchen is closed the required power is lower.


In the kitchens of classic style is possibly where more highlight the extractor hoods. Adopt those typical forms of homes and chimneys of yesteryear helping to create a vintage atmosphere.



Some, if not many, of these models also admit certain decoration. Many of them are usually equipped with a shelf that allows you to place decorative objects and a piece of art hanging on the front will also be perfect.





As you have seen the extractor hood has a very important role in the decoration of the kitchen and right in your choice is going to be decisive to have a perfectly decorated kitchen In addition to free of smoke!

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