Ideas to improve access to your home

We take great care of the interior decoration of our home but if we live in a house it is important that we also take care of its exterior appearance. And not only the facade, windows and other external elements of the house but also the access road that is often forgotten. All this not only with a view to its possible sale, but also because it will be more satisfying to arrive at home to be the inhabitants of that beautiful house.

Proposals to improve entry into the home 1

The access road to the home is usually paved for comfort and practicality but there are many ways to do it. A huge concrete slab is practical but usually project a strong little visual impact. In truth all paving has that effect in one way or another, the interesting thing is that we can improve the appearance and reduce that ugly visual impact simply with some simple ideas.

  • Creating a decorative border on the sides of the access road will be one of these actions that will allow us to improve the beauty of the road. It will better separate the paved areas from those that are not and improve the landscape.
  • Break the monotony of the pavement by adding strips and lines of different material to improve the visual aspect.

Proposals to improve entry into the home 2

  • Planting a low hedge can be a very good idea to draw lines, separate environments and better integrate the access road in the garden.
  • Create borders or raised beds on the sides of the access road with flowering plants. According to the climatic zone where we live we can have a good resource for the whole year or for spring and summer.

Proposals to improve entry into the home 3

  • And if you do not want to embark on something so big you can get the same aesthetic and visual effect with pots and planters. You can also change them easily and according to the season.
  • Unless the rules of the community of neighbors prohibit it from being original with the material and the way in which it is used is another way to encourage and improve the appearance of the driveway to our house.


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