Ideas to illuminate the exteriors in a different way

When the good weather arrives, in the northern hemisphere we have it around the corner, we all want to enjoy the outdoor spaces of our home. An evening in the garden, patio or terrace is a way to make the most of the good weather in a very pleasant way. But of course in those moments the darkness hinders the use of any outer space so we have to worry about its illumination.

Outdoor lighting 1

There are many ways to illuminate an outer space from the timeless candles to the most modern electrical systems. The lighting should be in accordance with the decoration of the garden or terrace and not be too artificial. In an exotic style garden like the one in the upper image chinese lanterns Filled with strips of led lights create fantastic lighting.

Outdoor lighting 2

A simple fountain for birds made with a pot and a ceramic plate is the ideal place to place small tea candles. In addition to giving us security because the candles can not produce any damage to the wind.

Outdoor lighting 3

Create our own lanterns or lamps It is quite simple, this time we see a basket for the fruit transformed into a practical candle holder. Decorative and practical at the same time.

Outdoor lighting 4

Lanterns and candle holder they are indispensable elements to create romantic atmospheres with the light of the candles. And since they do not need electricity, we can place them wherever we like.

Outdoor lighting 5

The use of candles It is very widespread in the bright decoration of outdoor spaces but we must always use them correctly. Away from flammable materials and protected from the wind. There are plenty of accessories such as glass jars that we can recycle to use as safe candle holders. We can even compose with them and a little fishing thread beautiful compositions.

Outdoor lighting 6

Outdoor lighting 7

Hang the Glass jars where we have put the candles of any place, a tree, an old car wheel or our pergola. It's easy and they give us great security.

Outdoor lighting 8

We can also take advantage of new technologies and use solar lights equipped with a system of electrical accumulation during the day and that allow us to illuminate the garden with its light at night. We can hide them inside lanterns or choose designs that appeal to us.

Outdoor lighting 9

Outdoor lighting 10

As you have seen there are innumerable ways to use candles and lanterns in the lighting of our outer space. We must bear in mind that many times a dim light is preferable to a too intense one when we want to make a playful activity in the garden or on the terrace, meet with friends or dine with the family. It is clear that the dining area should have a stronger lighting than the rest of the garden.

Outdoor lighting 11

Taking advantage of trees or any vertical element to decorate it with strips of lights is a very pleasant way to bring a little light to our garden, terrace or patio.


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