Ideas to illuminate corners

In every house there are multiple corners that often would go unnoticed if it were not for the details with which they are made. In the following proposals we offer some ideas to highlight those places that need it most, both for its natural beauty and its situation at home.

Lighting of spaces 1

A basic way to start is by placing new points of light, as more emphasis is added in that particular area. But when talking about how to illuminate a certain area, we do not only refer to lighting per se , but also to all kinds of details that enhance the beauty of that corner. A lamp will always be welcome, as are floral decorations or personal memories. Some very special places of the home are located in a corner, next to the stairs, for example. These are the places that constitute a small museum dedicated to family memories and those objects of sentimental value that we have been treasuring.

Lighting of spaces 2

Other special corners are those erected in honor of rest, where we place our favorite sofa to create a small reading corner. It never hurts to add personal and artistic details to those corners.

Lighting of spaces 3

In the bedroom there is also place for the most beautiful and personal corners: on the bedside table, next to the headboard of the bed; next to the window; or the corner of the dressing table ... Illuminate them with auxiliary lamps and highlight their beauty with colors designed especially for that place.

Lighting of spaces 4

Light a beautiful corner by the window with interior lanterns and homemade candles. If the window opens onto a beautiful landscape, make the most of it.

Lighting of spaces 5

Do not forget those places abroad that lend themselves to creating welcoming meeting centers. With these simple ideas, every little corner of the home can become a very prominent place.

Lighting of spaces 6


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