Ideas to highlight a wall with wallpaper

Highlighting a wall with wallpaper is a simple and elegant way to add color to a room. We can thus experiment with more daring colors because it is very easy to undo what has been done in case we do not like it. With these ideas to highlight a wall with wallpaper you can see different options so you can study this simple and useful decorative technique.


Wallpaper with floral motifs for a juvenile room. It serves to give life to that complicated wall.


In the bedrooms the most common is to highlight the wall at the head of the bed. In this boho cut an elegant paper in turquoise and gold with vegetal motives has been used.


In a more sober way the same has been done in this small room.


This fantastic paper highlights the color of the bed.


But you do not always have to introduce color with the wallpaper. On this occasion, the geometric motifs are the protagonists in this minimalist room.


This wallpaper helps create an idyllic and somewhat Zen atmosphere in this bathroom.


Another use that we can make of wallpaper is to delimit spaces in open areas.


This wallpaper is fantastic to highlight the office space of this room.


The same paper meets this above in a more sober and reduced version.


When the hall is open we can delimit the area with a bit of wallpaper as has been done here.


Or here to delimit the dining area located in an open space and shared with other uses.


Sometimes it is difficult to decorate very small spaces. Wallpaper is another good option that does not occupy space and provides color, design and depth.


In this small laundry room you can avoid the feeling of being in a small space thanks to the depth provided by the wallpaper placed on the back wall.


Exceptional wallpaper with golden bird motifs in small size. The coordination with the golden bathtub is absolute.


A small bathroom earns a lot with a striking wallpaper. It is easy to create an attractive and fun space.


The baby room is another room where we can use this technique to break the excessive uniformity.


This wallpaper with the constellations is very good in this room.

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