Ideas to decorate your patio in pastel colors

When you have an outdoor space, whether patio, terrace, garden or a simple balcony, you have to take advantage of it and enjoy all the advantages it offers. As this time Pantone declared pink and blue as colors of the year 2016 we thought that you would like to see a few ideas to decorate your patio in pastel colors. Although we will also see some other color in that same shade, green, red, yellow that can combine quite well.

Courtyards in pastel shades 1

Normally the outdoor furniture usually has quite neutral colors so adding some complement in a soft color always feels good. The atmosphere is very bright and the pastel colors are perfect.

Courtyards in pastel shades 2

Patios in pastel shades 3

The upholstery, outside are usually cushions and pillows, are a good way to give color to the environment. When the upholstered furniture is out in the open it is necessary to choose the right fabrics but this does not suppose any problem, the only one is that they are a little more expensive.

Courtyards in pastel colors 4

This charming corner shows a great contrast between textiles in pink, red and white with the green of the plants.

Courtyards in pastel shades 5

Courtyards in pastel shades 6

Two opposing ideas, a very formal environment and another youthful and carefree. The saturation of the colors changes completely to exploit to the maximum the characteristics of each decoration.

Courtyards in pastel shades 7

Courtyards in pastel shades 8

Courtyards in pastel shades 9

The blue tones marry very well with the rustic, Mediterranean and beach environments in general. A very natural and relaxing color that communicates directly with nature, the sky and the sea.

Courtyards in pastel shades 10

In this fantastic and quiet corner we see a perfect coordination between the soft cushions of the living area and the frames of the house. A great idea to connect the external environment with the own house of which it is a part.

Courtyards in pastel shades 11

Courtyards in pastel colors 12

Although we speak of pastel colors does not mean that we should only stay with the color, the prints marry very well to create elegant and sophisticated environments.

Courtyards in pastel shades 13

In this image we see again that beautiful connection of the interior with the exterior of the house, this time with the pots, flowers, the frame and even the shade that covers the window. Connecting the interior with the exterior is essential to achieve a round decoration.


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