Ideas to decorate your lobby this Christmas

When we decorate the house for the Christmas holidays we should not forget the decoration of the hall. Our visitors will be the first thing they will see from inside the house and they should start their visit with a good impression. We have put together a small selection of ideas to decorate your hall this Christmas that we hope will help you in this task.


There are as many decorations as there are hall types. It is not the same a wide hall, with staircase access to a higher floor than the small hall of an apartment. The architectural structure of the hall will determine the type of decoration. When it is large we can fill it with Christmas decorative objects but when its size is small we must be careful not to saturate the space.



Above we see the two opposite poles, the truth is that it is always an advantage to have a staircase with a railing to ornament it with garlands but you have to adapt to the circumstances of each space. In the image immediately above we see that a small hall can be as charming as any other with the right decoration.



The Christmas decoration, also here in the hall, must be consistent with the pre-existing decoration. A hall decorated in classic style will deserve a Christmas decoration of the same style.


A Christmas decoration does not have to be excessive. When our decorative style is minimalist in any of its derivations we can not overload it with the typical Christmas decorations.



But even in the most modern spaces we can base the Christmas decoration on the classic colors, we only need an adequate approach. A red scarf, a box, boots, a green crown, a small fir tree, are classic elements of the Christmas decoration but can also be used in a modern environment.



The branches of spruce or of any other pinácea, the plants and the pineapples and dry branches are good natural elements to evoke the winter environment of the Nature in our receiver.



The signs are also a great resource to decorate the hall with an original and warm Christmas air. They can be small and act as decorative complements.


Or become in its own right the central point of the decoration when we opt for a large size or simply use large letters to compose the desired phrase or word. And as we can see, they are equally as good as the decoration of the hall.



As you have seen, it does not take much to get a good Christmas decoration in our hall. A little inspiration and follow the pattern that marks us the space itself will be enough to achieve the round decoration we seek.


Our hall can be great for these parties whatever their size, shape and area. So get to work, there is little time left!


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