Ideas to decorate your house with baskets

The use of baskets in the decoration brings us several advantages. They have their practical side because they serve to store objects but they are also very decorative. Decorate your house with baskets following the proposals that we show you below.


Here we have a good example of how practical the baskets are. They also serve to hide the pots of our plants and make them much more beautiful.


In this proposal we also see how well they combine with textiles. We can assemble a beautiful decoration of ethnic inspiration using baskets and the appropriate textiles.


They also fit in any decorative style. And if not, here you can see an example of a basket made with vegetable fibers in an elegant and sophisticated environment.


But obviously there is much more. Decorating the wall or mantelpiece can also be done with baskets.


Or a simple but very decorative centerpiece or to place on a chest of drawers or any other piece of furniture.


The compositions of baskets and baskets to decorate the wall are another great option to use these accessories in decoration.


The game of color and especially texture that they offer us is irreplaceable.


To achieve a rustic or vintage look they can not miss either.


The metal baskets are also very practical, sometimes much more. In this example we see that a metal basket is used to store the sofa blankets.


Even in such formal environments like this, a couple of good baskets are great.


Combined with trunks they are a great decoration as well as being very practical.


Another idea with a vintage metal basket that serves to decorate any wall.


In the bathroom we use storage space and complement the decoration.


In the kitchen they will help us to have everything well organized.


And in the bedroom they clearly have an ornamental aspect but they can also be used to store things.


In short, a simple and inexpensive accessory that can give us a great task in decorating our home.

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