Ideas to decorate your home with vintage objects

The vintage it is a decorative current that has been progressively but intensely implanted. He has been with us for a while now and it seems he wants to stay. In a way he is not a newcomer either, there has always been love for beautiful and ancient objects. The interest in these objects has simply been rediscovered and we could say that it has become popular. We can think that decorating in vintage style is the only way to include this type of old items but it is not so we can also include them in other decorative styles perfectly. Let's see some ideas to decorate your home with vintage objects that we hope will make decision making easier.


In any piece of the house, like this kitchen, we can use vintage decorative objects combined with contemporary furniture. You just have to know how to create the connection between both temporary spaces and in this case it is achieved with the brick wall seen.


Simple old kitchen jars will fit well in any environment but we can create a more appropriate one if we include a small antique cupboard.


The vintage style and the decorative complements of this style allow us a great margin of maneuver, from complete decorations to small brushstrokes including a vintage decorative object.


The armchairs are a great example of what we are trying to achieve. Create a small timeless corner that helps reflect the recesses of your personality.



And here we have a wide range of possibilities, times and styles that we can get at any second-hand store or simply at the grandparents' house.



Cameras are an eminently practical article but the progress of technology has left many models out of the game. We can rescue them and use them as decorative objects. From old bellows cameras to the most recent analog SLRs that are in many cases a fantastic example of good industrial design.



Antique pharmacy bottles and jars can also be found in flea markets and antique stores. They are not expensive and are very decorative. And sure we can also rescue very simple objects but with great appeal as this beautiful support for pots.



Vintage objects can be included simply in any environment or we can recreate a small vintage corner only with old objects. They are two different and equally valid ways to add vintage decorative objects to our decoration.


This decorative trend also has all the passion of hunting and without spilling a drop of blood of course. Going out of the house and searching for your desired objects in flea markets and second-hand stores, making magnificent discoveries and discovering that you have spent very little is the same as a hunter feels when he goes hunting.



The jars of kitchen and the old cans of diverse products are objects that we can use for the purpose with which they were created or as vases and pots. They are easy objects to get and even easier to include in any decoration.


In short, we hope that these ideas invite you to explore the world of ancient objects, you will discover old wonders of your grandparents that are still very topical. And that practically any current decorative style can be included.

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