Ideas to decorate your home with exposed brick

With the new trends of industrial air and unfinished effect have become very fashionable decoration of the walls without decoration. Walls of brick seen that of course sometimes are very worked to get that effect. Let's take a look through a series of decorations with brick so you can take note and decide your choice if you like this effect.

Deco with bricks 1

The contrast is the main virtue of the walls in exposed brick and as such we must always err by default than by excess. Although you can, and you will see fantastic examples in this collection, decorate all the walls of a room in this way I particularly prefer to reserve only one wall or section to decorate it in this way.

Deco with bricks 2

Deco with bricks 3

Deco with bricks 4

But of course it is my particular opinion, you can get fantastic decorations with all the walls in brick and above you have good examples but I prefer to use this effect as a contrast.

Deco with bricks 5

Deco with bricks 6

Deco with bricks 7

Deco with bricks 8

Whatever your preference may be, this effect can be achieved in various ways. I want to say that not everyone is lucky enough to live in an old house or an industrial loft built with old solid bricks. So the solution is not to chop the walls because surely if you live in a modern house the bricks that were used for its construction are not charming at all.

Deco with bricks 9

Deco with bricks 10

Deco with bricks 11

But do not despair because the industry is ready for everything and you can achieve this effect with prefabricated platelets that mimic exposed brick or similar systems. And of course it can also be built on existing walls using old style bricks.

Deco with bricks 12

Deco with bricks 13

Deco with bricks 14

Deco with bricks 15

Any professional can guide you in this respect, because obviously there will be enough difference between the cost of one option and another. The effect of exposed brick, you may have noticed, can be used in any room of the house, from the hall to the bathroom through corridors, living room, kitchen and any other.

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