Ideas to decorate with vintage mirrors

The Mirrors they always capture the focus of attention. They return our gaze, resize the rooms and project the light, lighting the place and adding luminosity. If we also move away from the classic proposals of rectangular frames in opaque colors, we managed to add an extra to the decoration.


As a decorative complement, the mirrors are optimal pieces to adorn the bare walls and give a new air to a specific room. On this occasion we recover mirrors with vintage inspiration , that is, antiquities revalued over time and with a curious second (or third) decorative life. A trend that is gaining more followers.



The walls of the bathroom, place by antonomasia where the mirrors dominate the space, are covered with many mirrors of different shape and size. But also other places such as the kitchen, the terrace or the hall can accommodate these accessories always fun and beautiful, with results as fascinating as the ones presented here.




Playing with these combinations, and contributing old photos or drawings framed to collage resulting, you can create a great and delicate effect, full of charm and beauty. Vanity was never more flattering and elegant.



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