Ideas to decorate with the lilac color

We have prepared a collection of great decoration ideas based on the lilac color that can help you give a new and fresh look to your home. The color lilac has as you will see a thousand and one applications in the decoration of our home, from the walls to the furniture through a wide range of decorative accessories. Among those that we must highlight especially the textiles that as you know are our favorites, so versatile and easy to use, are self-sacrificing workers in favor of the beauty of our home.

Decoration in lilac 1

Here we have perhaps the clearest example of all we will show you. A living room where all the decoration revolves around the lilac color. The wallpaper, elegant and sophisticated, has some beautiful motifs in this color on a white background. The upholstery of the sofa in a stronger lilac fits perfectly with the ottoman and the carpet. We have a magnificent sample of shades of lilac that we can use in the decoration of our stay.

Decoration in lilac 2

Decoration in lilac 3

In the bedroom as we always say it is very easy to use any color if we add it in some decorative accessory, especially if it is textile. Pillows and bed plaids are a great tool when introducing any contrast color in a bedroom decorated in neutral tones.

Decoration in lilac 4

Decoration in purple 5

Decoration in purple 6

Decoration in lilac 7

The lilac color can be used throughout the house, in the living room we can go phenomenally in walls, for which we will choose a soft tone, or as a contrast color, then we can use stronger tones, in furniture, rugs and objects decorative

Decoration in lilac 8

It is a color as we see very versatile but with character. It is an elegant color that transmits an air of cleanliness, neatness and order. Maybe because some of its tones remind us of lavender, I do not know.

Decoration in purple 9

Decoration in purple 10

Also in the kitchen it can be interesting to use lilac both to create an elegant background and to create a striking, cheerful and elegant contrast when we use it in objects and furniture like this beautiful cupboard.

Decoration in purple 11

Decoration in purple 12

Decoration in lilac 13

The bathroom can not escape the influence of this elegant and fresh color. In a bathroom decorated in rustic style, shabby chic or vintage the lilac color is great both in the background and in the use of decorative accessories.

Decoration in lilac 14

A space that should not be forgotten, because the lilac color works especially well in it, it is the children's room. It can go very well in a baby's room, whatever the gender of it. I love the contrast of that lilac wall with the other gray, a good idea that is satisfactorily rounded with the use of the lilac and white curtain.

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