Ideas to decorate with shelves for paintings

One of the systems that are currently being used to form a gallery of photos or paintings on the wall is through the shelves or shelves for paintings . It is, as you surely know, narrow shelves with a rim on the front so that the frames do not slide. Here we bring you some ideas to decorate with shelves for pictures that we hope you find useful.


The shelves can be chosen in the same color as the wall or in a different color. White and black are widely used, the latter work very well in white environments to enhance and create contrast.


In this magnificent blue wall the truth is that it was interesting that the shelves went as unnoticed as possible.


You can also play with the color of the frames and create nice and interesting combinations about it. We will see examples of different styles.


The shelves for paintings look good even in a classic cut like this. They emphasize the variety of frames used for the different family photos.


Here we also see a hodgepodge of frames from all backgrounds, photos of various sizes and placed in layers. A solution that brings warmth and a personal touch to this white and simple wall.


When there is plenty of space, long shelves can be used to create a wall decoration according to the size of the room and the rest of the furniture.


This charming pyramid layout is perfect on this wall and the wooden shelves combine very well with the theme of the images. A very thoughtful work.


Black shelves and frames for this white room with black furniture. A good way to coordinate colors to create a balanced environment.


An artistic proposal based on black and white needs some shelves of the same tone as the wall.


A window to reality and another to classic glamor, an interesting and discreet exercise that does not disturb the general atmosphere.


If you wanted to highlight the beautiful pink sofa, with the friendly dog ​​to match, they have achieved this wall full of black and white photographs and discreet white shelves.


Design and style for a perfect corner to read, listen to music or simply meditate and relax.


The walls full of frames with photos are great but if it were not for the shelves would require a lot of work and drill many holes in the wall.


Minimalist design in maxi size for these two almost invisible white shelves. A wall decoration that combines perfectly with the rest of the living room.


Symmetry is sometimes the best solution and this is demonstrated by this gallery of black and white images. Also highlight how good is the mix of white shelves and black frames.


Atypical shelves, with great impact, that combine beautifully with the wooden table and the vegetable fiber baskets.


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