Ideas to decorate with painted wooden boxes

For all types of environments, the wooden boxes they are very useful and very versatile accessories. They can serve us as a storage place, as an auxiliary table or as a simple decorative element. An idea to improve your appearance is paint them of some color that harmonizes with the rest of the decoration.

Decoration with wooden boxes 1

We will see some solutions and results when decorating with painted wooden boxes.

Decoration with wooden boxes 2

Fruit boxes or typical warehouse pallets are very practical for this type of situation, but in general any type of box that you want to add to the decoration of your home is valid. Some people prefer to paint them and those who choose to cover them inside with colored paper and then paint the outside or leave it as is.

Decoration with wooden boxes 3

Some ideas that we propose is to use these boxes as a place to store bath towels, gels and shampoo, as support for pots in outdoor environments, to place books, personal memories ...

In the room of the kids can be super useful to store school supplies in an orderly way classified with signs.

Decoration with wooden boxes 4

Hanging on the wall and painted a bright color are excellent shelves for books and other objects.

Decoration with wooden boxes 5

And, as we said before, even as side tables, bedside tables, tables for a small TV ... Infinite ideas with few materials and a little creativity.

Decoration with wooden boxes 6


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