Ideas to decorate with mirrors

Whether large or small, simple or with decorative details; the Mirrors They are always allies when it comes to decorating. They allow us to give the environments and spaces a new concept as well as giving us the sensation of amplitude by reflecting in them the objects of the station in which they are located.

Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors

They can be used only for the purpose of enlarging spaces or only as decorative objects . Today we propose to see that the Mirrors You can use them in every corner of your home and even in rooms like decorative allies .
In the first idea, we are facing three Mirrors same whose interiors have a very special solid wood work. All three have been placed in the receiver of the home next to a sofa with cushions of different colors and designer fabrics.

Ideas to decorate with mirrors

In the second case, a large mirror with an important wooden frame, has only been supported on the floor and on the wall as seen in the back of the armchair of the room of this department. So simple and easy.

Ideas to decorate with mirrors 1

In the room, on the headboard of the bed, two twin mirrors with edges of aged mirrors rest. They truly complete the decoration of the room.

Ideas to decorate with mirrors 2

In a Hall , in an old piece of furniture restored and without being attached to the wall, we find a not very large mirror whose frame of period wood has also been restored and accompanies the decorative spirit that has been plamado in this hall.

Ideas to decorate with mirrors 3

A modern dining room and with little space, which has been placed a mirror of equal size that the dining table in one of the walls in the background. It reflects the ornaments, the modern lamp and the rest of the space. A good option when we have little place and we want to give spaciousness in the rooms.

Ideas to decorate with mirrors 4

Another proposal in the dining room, only that this time mixed styles. A modern rectangular table in white with details of Mirrors on its edges. Accompany tables covered with a multicolored fabric and full of flowers, very striking and fresh. The chosen mirror is one of the 60s but it combines perfectly with the mix of styles .

Ideas to decorate with mirrors 5

A more stately dining room, and for the same, the style of the mirror has been adequate. A large mirror on the sofa and in front of the dining table. The reflection of the rest of the stay in him is beautiful.
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