Ideas to decorate with maps and globes

Maps and globes are a good choice when decorating some rooms. Even if we squeeze our imagination even the most unsuspected rooms can look good with maps. The easiest will be the room where we have the office, especially if we have a library, is the classic place to place a globe or some large maps. But also in less usual places, like the dining room, the bathroom, the hall, the bedrooms ... any place can receive this decoration.

Ideas to decorate with maps 1

Globes, especially if they are old, are a very decorative accessory. In a bookcase or on a work table or on a sideboard is an object that will bring that romantic air of great travelers and at the time will decorate our stay with an industrial touch if it is made of metal like those of the first half of the 20th century.

Ideas to decorate with maps 2

A small collection of terrestrial globes from different eras or that reflect different types of maps is a good choice to decorate a desk or a work table.

Ideas to decorate with maps 3

As we said any room can be decorated with these reasons, the dining room can receive without problems a large map framed on one of its walls, clear if possible so that the map can be large.

Ideas to decorate with maps 4

But you can also decorate furniture with maps, is the case of this closet of the upper photograph, its doors have been covered with old maps. It is a good strategy to give a new look to an old furniture and a little lacking in character.

Ideas to decorate with maps 5

In the image above we can see a coffee table made using a few rolled maps to form the foot of the table. As we see the imagination will be the only thing that can limit us the decoration with maps and terrestrial globes, the lack of imagination rather.

Ideas to decorate with maps 6

Ideas to decorate with maps 7

Maps and globes can be converted into lampshades both standing and hanging. They are a very original and striking way to use these elements in decoration.

Ideas to decorate with maps 8

Pillow cases with patterned fabric with maps motifs are also a good option to use these elements that we talked about in the decoration of the sofa or the bed.

Ideas to decorate with maps 9

To cover decorative letters, an interesting option that we can do ourselves with very little effort. The result is spectacular and if we combine it with some element "traveler" as in this case a sailboat model, will give an adventurous touch to the decoration.


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