Ideas to decorate with kilims

I'm sure that on more than one occasion you will have heard the word kilim and I think we all know more or less what they are. Yes, that is, a type of very light and colorful carpet that offers a more informal aspect than her relatives the Persian-style carpets with her long, fluffy hair. The kilim is like the casual carpet and are made in the same area as the most famous rugs in the world, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and the rest of the countries in that area of ​​the East.

Ideas with kilims 1

Their geometric designs, their soft pastel colors and their lightness make them ideal for any contemporary decoration whatever their style. They marry very well with any decorative style of those that are currently trending.

Ideas with kilims 2

With industrial and ethnic elements they form a magnificent combination. The kilim is also made with wool but with woven threads the way any fabric is woven, that is, they do not have hair like the typical Persian rugs. Instead of knotting the wool over the warp as it is done in the pile carpets, in the kilim the wool thread is woven through the warp. But the same basic materials, the same type of wool and dyes are used.

Ideas with kilims 3

The main advantage presented by the kilim compared to the classic carpet is that it is lighter both visually and literally, they weigh much less.

Ideas with kilims 4

The kilims are cheaper than classic carpets because they require much less wool and less work hours. They fit in the decoration of any room as you can see in the photographs.

Ideas with kilims 5

In the bedroom they are a good solution if you want to cover a good portion of the floor without spending a fortune on it.

Ideas with kilims 6

You can even put a kilim in the bathroom, it will be very practical and comfortable and without the fear of soaking something as expensive as a carpet.

Ideas with kilims 7

The same can be said for the kitchen, a kilim in the dining area will give us a touch of color and very pleasant comfort.

Ideas with kilims 8

The main disadvantage of the kilim compared to the classic carpet is that it gets dirty earlier. Well what they say and I think what they really mean is that dirt is seen before on a classic carpet. Pure common sense, they get dirty just the same as having less surface dirt is perceived earlier. I do not think that is bad, on the contrary it will force us to clean the carpet beforehand.


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