Ideas to decorate walls with frames and colored pictures

Filling the walls is seen as an immense task especially when you start living alone or when you move from home. With these ideas to decorate walls with colored frames You can face her but also any renovation you intend to do in your home. Painting the walls with new colors and creating a gallery of frames like the ones we propose is enough to completely renovate your home.


The frames of a time to this part have taken relevance in the decoration of the walls. Many times they become the protagonists and have more importance than the framed image itself, in fact many times they are used if none.


This fantastic hall would not be complete without that beautiful gallery of images and objects wrapped around those beautiful frames.


Achieving good color conjugation is not easy but you have to propose it to achieve results as remarkable as this one.


This gap between the shelves and on the sofa could not be left naked, it has dressed splendidly with a beautiful collection of images framed with simple but colorful frames.


Children's rooms are a good place to start practicing with frames and color. It's easier and then we can export the success to other areas of the house.


Like this dark corridor that comes to life and color thanks to this gallery of colorful frames. Frames of minimalist cut and some with moldings but quite discreet.


Another of the combinations we can make, when we have very colorful images, is to opt for white frames and leave all the protagonism to paintings or photographs.


This charming children's room is very cheerful and vital with this combination rich in colors and shapes.


Another good idea to put into practice, let the passepartout act as a link between the various frames and frames.


The office, office or work area will also have another air with a good gallery of colorful paintings. Work will be much more pleasant.


This youth room is very elegant with these frames and colorful images. And as we see is a good way to connect the colors of the decoration with each other.


Another elegant area of ​​work, for sophisticated workers and in love with the beautiful. It has a distinctly feminine charm.


And for women this children's room with that cool color. Frames give that touch of sophistication that the room needs.


In this living room, there has been a free way to satisfy the love for the art of its owners. A great combination where images and frames stand out once again become discreet.


Achieving the perfect balance between continent and content is essential when decorating walls with paintings.


Here, for example, a perfect connection has been created between the white sofa and the paintings thanks to those striking cushions.


The frames and the images that frame must follow a proportion so that in the end the set is balanced as we see in this elegant living room.


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