Ideas to decorate very small apartments

Live in a very small apartment It is not an excuse to leave aside the decoration, perhaps thinking that it will not appear in such a small space, because we think it is not worth it or to avoid a feeling of overcrowding or chaos. However, there are a series of keys to achieve a small but optimized space.

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These apartments are very small; some do not reach thirty square meters. But, on the other hand, they show that a small space can be as nice as decorating a larger home. It's a matter of giving a little more attention to the decoration and finding what makes the space look bigger.

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For example? Although it may seem obvious, because it is the first advice that is always given, painting walls in light colors or bright colors manages to create that effect of greater size. Also filling the walls of mirrors can be multiplied a little more the sensation of greater amplitude.

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Most of these spaces incorporate multipurpose furniture, such as sofa-beds, although there are other ideas, especially hidden storage solutions: furniture that conceals a space inside to house a small room, stairs with secret hiding places to store everything We need or stairs that lead to lofts where there is a small area prepared to sleep.

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In addition to subtle color paintings, it is important to maintain order in these small spaces, because otherwise we create chaos, so looking for a more or less symmetrical organization can be a way to achieve it. Another idea is to delimit spaces well, even if they are located on the same surface. That is, even if the kitchen is next to the dining room, we must create the idea that there is a boundary between both areas and respect those coordinates. The same with the rest of the housing areas, without some interfere in others.

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Nor should we forget to personalize the space and introduce those accessories that mark the identity of a home: photographs on the wall, paintings, flowers, centerpieces and other decorations, adapting them to each one's own taste.

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