Ideas to decorate the wall on the sofa

The wall behind a sofa is one of those corners that lend themselves to being more personalized. The sofa does not cease to be that place where so many leisure hours pass, so it is interesting to complement it with a more personal brushstroke. It is the favorite place of many to place their most personal posters, their tapestries or their best pictures. But let's see what other many ways we can decorate without resorting to the usual, thus adding a unique intentionality.

Decoration for walls 1

For example, this first proposal that dresses rustic from the foundations to the roof, is the perfect setting to place a plywood wall behind the sofa. In this way we enhance all the other elements and we will print a very appropriate natural tone. We can complete with other decorations, put pictures ... The natural lighting enters through the window and hits directly on the corner where the sofa is, and that is something that, in this case, has been known to take advantage very well.

Decoration for walls 2

For more sophisticated decorations with a light touch of period, a old mural It can be the best companion for the corner of the sofa. In the proposal that we show you above, this collector's relic dresses very well a gray wall on a beautiful white sofa. Complement accessories in salmon and flowers in bright yellow.

A beautiful vintage clock It is also the best complement for this bohemian and sybarite salon:

Decoration for walls 3

We return to rustic territories, where blackboards which head the sofa are the best choice for this beautiful scenario:

Decoration for walls 4

And to give a more pop tone to space, the everlasting sheets with works pop-art will put the note carefree, the kitsch look and the definitely personal touch as only they can do it:

Decoration for walls 5

The Mirrors they can not be forgotten as a solid proposal that manages to illuminate the space and embellish with reflections the whole environment:

Decoration for walls 6


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