Ideas to decorate the outside on Valentine's Day

Normally when it arrives Valentine's Day We usually focus on the interior decoration of the house, especially the table and its outline as it is the place where we are going to celebrate this date. But we can also decorate the exterior of the house, starting with the entrance door and extending it to the porch or garden if we have them. Let's see a few examples that explain themselves.


The classic crown for the door can also be used on this holiday, you just have to give it the proper air. In this case a garland with the symbols of kisses and hugs.


But if we form it or choose a crown with a heart shape and motifs in red, we will not need more, it will be sufficiently allusive.


The letters are very fashionable and can be a good decorative option using the appropriate words. Here we have a beautiful, elegant and at the same time discreet message.


But since everyone likes things in a different way, here is a sample of fun, kitsch and even childish decoration. If you already yearn for Christmas this may be your style.


On the other hand, if you opt for sobriety and minimalism, you like this beautiful crown of kisses and hugs more. It is a representation, the one of X and O, very Anglo-Saxon but that is perfect to decorate with discretion.


And not all decoration has to be circumscribed to the door, if you have a small or large garden or a patio, in short any exterior space you can prepare these hearts with recovered wood and a little rope and paint.


The pots, planters and other similar containers can also serve as a base to mount a beautiful decoration that can also decorate the sides of the door as the porch or any area of ​​the garden.



Speaking of porches here you have two examples with decorations of romantic air that are very warm and homely.


Here we have a fantastic example of natural decoration, some dry branches, some burlap cloth and a couple of flowers are enough to carry it out.


Or a simple but elegant garland of hearts made also with burlap cloth and two white satin bows. A DIY decoration very simple and easy to make in a moment.


Well, as you have seen Valentine's Day, it does not have to be exclusively an indoor festival. You can also decorate the exterior of your house to share your feelings.


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