Ideas to decorate the house door this Christmas

When we decide to decorate our house for Christmas it is important not to forget the front door. It is the first thing our visitors see and it should show a small sample of what goes on inside. With these ideas to decorate the door of your house this Christmas you can do it without complications. There are decorations for all tastes and you will surely find some inspiration.


The decoration of the entrance door to our house should follow the style of the rest of the Christmas decoration that we have chosen for the interior. It seems obvious, in fact it is, but we must have it clearly so that the feeling of harmony and beauty prevails.


Logically, decorating the entrance door depends entirely on the architecture of our house. Decorating the door of a house will not be the same as that of an apartment. But saving architectural differences any door can be decorated for Christmas without any problem.


We find rich decorations formed by a large number of elements and others much simpler. We can choose the one that best suits our taste and circumstance.


So we can opt for classic colors, red and green, or for typically winter tones such as white and gray or silver. With branches and a little ingenuity you can make up a reindeer as we see above.


A few candles and a brief phrase are enough sometimes and can be seen above. A minimalist decoration that will be great if we have chosen this style or decorative stream for the interior of the house.


The classic colors never disappoint, after all, what is more classic than Christmas? Although we can choose to look for different shades, like this green a few lighter shades than usual, and a funny or childish touch like that big candy cane and the lovely carpet or doormat with the face of the reindeer.



Christmas wreaths are still a good decorative element. In this case we show you two that are a little away from the typical ones made with spruce branches, real or simulated. They can be prepared with Christmas spheres or with a frame, an easy way to transform the Christmas decoration and adapt it to our taste and sensibility.




Also with Christmas wreaths, three in this case, you can form the silhouette of a classic snowman. It is a very original way that allows us to completely decorate the door. It is also an idea that we can move to any type of input.


As you can see there are for all tastes and the Christmas decoration can be understood in multiple ways. It is not necessary to fill the door of lights or to recharge it in excess, what if it is important is to obtain a decorative set harmonious and above all personal.


So, stand in front of your door and think about what you want to do. Here are more than enough examples for you to get the Christmas decoration that best suits your taste and your circumstances.


And if you want to run away from the typical you can always include new colors or unexpected objects. Simply with these two ideas you can make completely personal Christmas decorations.


We can not forget the natural elements such as branches, leaves and plants. They are a great material to decorate at Christmas and we can adapt to our geographical conditions without any problem.


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