Ideas to decorate the hall in shabby chic style

With these ideas to decorate the hall in style shabby chic You will have material to start your decorative project. Some first steps that we hope will clarify a little the ideas if you have thought about a remodeling or you are going to start in a new house. The shabby chic style is very personal and admits many interpretations, it is a rustic style bathed in a soft layer of romanticism.


It is a very feminine style in which white and very soft pastel shades predominate. The typical milk painting covers walls and furniture alike.


But as in any rustic style there is no lack of vegetable touches and untreated woods. Objects that denote character and personality.



The use of wood extends to floors, walls and furniture. Wood is the typical raw material of shabby chic.


In this style we can prepare the same as the hall of an urban house as a country house or even the beach. Simply change the nuance in each circumstance.


Decorative objects, useful at the time, such as candlesticks, lamps, cages and others that can be found in the markets are essential to round our decoration.



You can not miss the floral touch, either in its traditional form, a bouquet placed in a vase or using branches and plants.


The shabby chic has a lot of vintage and retro although in its more rustic and rustic version. Also for the profuse use of white reminds us of Scandinavian styles but with a certain baroque touch.



The textures can also give us a hand when decorating our hall in shabby chic style. The skins, true or false, the fabrics and the vegetal fibers are idales to add this nuance. The wicker baskets and the esparto baskets always look good and also allow us to use them as storage.



A wooden bench can be a very interesting piece of furniture for a hall decorated in this style. And not only for its practical aspect but also for that country air that transmits.


Here we have a very simple decoration for a shabby chic lobby that costs nothing to prepare and is phenomenal. Gather all the necessary elements, the glass frames, the table in light blue and the wicker basket with the pillows.



All these ideas can serve you both to decorate the hall as for the hallway or a distributor. Any space that you consider empty and lacking in interest can acquire a new aspect with some of these elements.


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