Ideas to decorate the fireplace at Christmas

Surely there are few things as Christmas as the decoration of the fireplace, except of course the Christmas tree and the Bethlehem. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your house, it is worthwhile to take a look at the images that follow. So you can decorate the fireplace at Christmas and enjoy it both for its warmth and beauty.


Like all Christmas decorations, the fireplace can be a huge variety of styles, sizes and colors. Simple or elaborate, the decorations can be adapted to your needs.


Christmas wreaths, garlands, Christmas motifs, the typical socks or felt boots. And if you prefer to give it a different air and you do not need to light the fireplace you can concentrate the ornaments inside it.


When you enjoy a fireplace at home, installing the tree next to it is very traditional and charming. The tree, the fire of the fireplace and the decoration of it can there be something more Christmas?


Candles can decorate, even alone, the mantelpiece. They can also be placed in the chimney hole if we are not going to turn it on.


Fruits and vegetables can make a fantastic decoration with natural air. We can also use labels with phrases or words related to Christmas.


As for the colors you can opt for the classics, red and green, or experiment with white, gold, silver and blue. It is interesting that the chosen colors follow the palette of the general decoration of the room.


The most traditional style decoration always looks good with a fireplace. Surely any idea you carry out will be a complete success.


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