Ideas to decorate the bathroom with striking colors

Usually white, other neutral and pastel shades are used. But if we want to create a different space, original and full of personality, the use of attractive and saturated colors will be a good option. Next we will see how you can use bright colors in the bathroom.

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It is important to find a color that we like, that makes us feel good. Yellow can be one of the colors that can also help us in small spaces to create a bright and spacious environment.

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Red can be a difficult color, you have to use it sparingly and combine it with the right colors. Black and white are colors that combine well with black as well as wood.

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Orange combines some of the characteristics of red and yellow. It is warm and bright at the same time, while expressing joy, energy and fun. In its most saturated tones we will use it as a contrast of white and neutral tones.


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Blue is a classic in the decoration of the bathroom. But even in the most classic environments we can make a new use of color to achieve a more current look. Simply using a strong tonality, close to the purple, we will cause a great change in the decoration. The turquoise or aquamarine are shades of blue that in a modern style bathroom can act as a revulsive that makes a difference.

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Green is a color that combines perfectly with black. It is an eclectic color that can look good in a contemporary style as in a classic or rustic one.

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There is another way to use bright colors in the bathroom. Creating a mural or mosaic in rich and saturated colors to break the monotony of neutral or soft colors will help us create a rich and original decoration.


What happens when we do not decide on a particular color? We can always choose a mosaic of color that contemplates them all.

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