Ideas to decorate the bathroom

The bathroom is a piece to which we usually devote little attention, thought as an element that is going to give little use, rather as a commitment to his older brother the bathroom seems like it does not deserve so much attention. But just because of that and because it is a piece of the house that can be used by guests and visitors it is important to pay a little more attention to its decoration.

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 1

Precisely because of its small size we can use the toilet as a laboratory to experiment ideas that we can then extend to the rest of the house. For example, it's a great space to test solutions vintage , that you already assured you will be fantastic, but that if you see them yourselves in your toilet will convince you.

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 2

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 3

Would you like to try the papered in the bathroom? Well, the toilet is the perfect place to do the experiment. And so any other idea that surrounds you and do not you dare to use immediately.

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 4

The basic considerations when decorating a toilet is to take into account its small dimensions, not overload it and above all take care of the light both environment, if it exists, as the artificial one.

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 5

A style Modern minimalist cut helps create a greater sense of spaciousness in the toilet. If we add tiles with linear designs we will make the bathroom look less claustrophobic. And if we can count on natural light we will create a diaphanous and relaxed space.

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 6

In all styles we will try to make the sink and the furniture as small as possible. This will help create less oppressive spaces.

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 7

Ideas to decorate the bathroom 8

This toilet in retro style reduced to the minimum expression is a perfect example of what we are discussing. A bathroom must have the essentials so that it is not overloaded.


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