Ideas to decorate mirrors

In addition to helping us Mirrors To decorate the spaces of the house, we can also decorate the mirrors themselves. It is easy to do it, it will be enough to have a mirror without a frame and a good idea in the head. We bring you some proposals to decorate these mirrors in different ways, but all of them with something special, since these are very homemade projects.

Decorate with mirrors 1

Since always, flowers have been our great allies when it comes to decorating. This option, that of decorating with flowers, is great if what we want is to decorate that little mirror, a magic mirror that presides over the beauty table or dressing table.

All we have to do is put a few drops of glue behind these flowers and then press carefully. We can surround all the oval of the mirror or decorate only some areas. We will use flowers made of cloth, paper, plastic, dried flowers, spray-painted ...

An old rope is the perfect instrument to be used as a mirror frame. This proposal will show you that, in addition to decorative, is an ingenious idea that facilitates how to hang the mirror.

Decorating with mirrors 2

Other beautiful options to decorate the mirrors of the house range from the frames created with shells and seashells to the use of stones, small tree trunks, branches, dry leaves ...

Decorate with mirrors 3

Decorate with mirrors 4

Decorating with mirrors 5

Creations all very natural to give life to these everyday objects, without forgetting the last possibility, although the most classic, to paint the frame of an ingenious color.

Decorating with mirrors 6


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