Ideas to decorate galleries and balconies

Galleries and balconies are often forgotten when we think of decorating our house. Yes, they are difficult spaces because of their shape and size, but this does not prevent us from taking advantage of them well and having a small personal refuge in them if we keep them in good condition. We hope that these ideas we have collected will be useful because they look very good.

Balconies and galleries 1

The balcony or gallery is an outer space that we can also treat as an extension of the interior. Decorate it in the same style and create a very practical and elegant transition space.

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Most of the times, since it is considered an exterior space, we will have to coat the walls and the floor, as they will not be the most suitable for our new space. The good thing is that since they are not usually very large, it will not mean having to spend too much.

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As for the enclosures, ie the possibility of installing windows to use the space in all weather conditions, we must be very aware of the rules that regulate these practices both at the community level of neighbors if we live in a block of flats as of the municipal regulations on the subject.

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You can get a great game a few square meters that will allow us to enjoy the sunlight and a bit of fresh air. The type of enclosure and the corresponding insulation will depend a lot on the geographical area where we are located. If the winters are hard, we will have to worry more about this issue than if we live in a warmer place where even the enclosures are not necessary.

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You will have seen that the possibilities are many and varied, take advantage of those that best serve you to achieve your own personal space between the inside and the outside.

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