Ideas to decorate at Christmas

Christmas arrives and if there is something we should think about, besides the gifts, it is in the decoration of the house. During these previous days we will give you different ideas to make your home the perfect place to celebrate next Christmas.
In this first post, we will dedicate ourselves to the decoration of the Christmas table.

Ideas to decorate at Christmas

The Christmas table is the central element of the Noche Buena meeting. It must be treated with care and a lot of dedication. For its preparation must take into account a number of important aspects such as tablecloth and napkins, crockery, glassware, cutlery, food and of course, diners.

The first thing you should choose is the tablecloth. Of course you must try to have very good taste in the election, it is the essential element, which will make everything else look or miss. It is always advisable to choose very light colors such as cream or white, and always be smooth or with a very delicate motif. But there is also the option of other stronger colors or with Christmas prints. The quality of the fabric also counts. Do not forget to keep in mind the budget you use when decorating your table. If your budget is scarce, then you should look for what you have at home and even encourage you to recycle. You can dye the tablecloths, put some detail that gives them a distinctive touch. Everything depends on your imagination and ability.

Another complement that goes hand in hand with the tablecloth, are the napkins. Always try to match the tablecloth, and that will depend on the colors and motives selected. What is necessary, regardless of its color or motive, is its size. The minimum required is 40cm x 40 cm.

Once the base of the table has been chosen, we now go to the tableware. For parties it is important that you use your best tableware. That which you keep throughout the year and which you do not use except for a special occasion. It is always good to be earthenware or porcelain, but of course it depends on what you have. Another important touch is the underplate. If you have it, use it, otherwise you have it and you can buy it, then do it. One tip we can give you is to avoid disposable tableware or plastic. "A good meal should be served on a good plate."
Come now with the cutlery. It is here where we also advise you to take out that special game that you have saved all year ...

As you know, these are placed from the inside out, with the spoon and knife on the right side and the fork on the left side. In this way diners will use them as they need them, always respecting the order. The dessert cutlery is placed on the top, the teaspoon closer to the plate and with the handle to the right; the fork with the handle to the left and the dessert knife, the furthest from the plate, with the handle to the right.

The glassware Again the same advice, bring out the best you have; Drinking is the main thing. Avoid the glasses. You should place as many drinks as the drinks that are going to be served. These are placed from left to right, facing the plate, positioning first the water, then the red wine, then the white wine and finally the dig.

We reach the final points that are the food and the diners. The food is advisable to be served at the table and not from the kitchen. You can use all kinds of sources, salad bowls and other items that you consider necessary as well as the cutlery should be independent of those placed for each diner. Yes
And for diners, if you are alone with your family, everyone has their place, but if you have special guests, it is important that you foresee the location of each one.

Enjoy these holidays and let these tips be useful.

We leave you some examples of beautiful Christmas tables.

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