Ideas to create an office in the kitchen

Having a small working space in the kitchen where you can take care of your cooking recipes, reviewing the invoices and bank statements is a great luxury. In addition, maintaining at all times the work areas of the kitchen completely cleared and ready to cook. We are going to see some ideas based on a free area of ​​about 90 cm in width, it is not needed anymore.

Small office in the kitchen 1

The ideal would be to have a hole of that size in your kitchen, a small corner that allows you to install a countertop style board. Although surely this space should enter the initial idea of ​​the kitchen to be perfectly integrated. It's like I say the ideal and not everyone can have it but we can achieve something similar.

Small office in the kitchen 2

This proposal is closer to the vast majority of kitchens. Take advantage of one meter of free wall by installing a board fixed to the wall and hanging in it a small shelf to store the things we usually use, cookbooks, note books and other work materials.

Small office in the kitchen 3

The shelf does not need to be very large, with a couple of shelves will serve to keep everything related to your work in the kitchen. Under some small baskets for notebooks and the most used material.

Small office in the kitchen 4

It will always be good to give a decorative touch that integrates the space in the kitchen. Here, metal muffin molds have been used as a magnetic base for hanging notes.

Small office in the kitchen 5

In this example, carried out on the same basis, a more ordered space has been chosen. With boxes to store books and papers and a corkboard to hang notes and reminders.

Small office in the kitchen 6

A more formal space where everything is perfectly ordered and stored. An idea for people who prefer to have things well placed.

Small office in the kitchen 7

But if your kitchen is modern style you can also create a space that is better integrated into the overall style. And if you like working with your computer in the kitchen you can have it there too.

Small office in the kitchen 8

On this occasion the bookshelf becomes a multimedia center where to install the usual electronic devices. A space in the kitchen for lovers of new technologies that do not need to have paper support as essential.

Small office in the kitchen 9

But this workspace in the kitchen can be used for children to do their work at school when they return home. That way we can keep an eye on them while we can help them out while we prepare dinner.

Small office in the kitchen 10

The slate paint and the calendar will be in this case essential materials so that they can decorate their space and schedule their work.


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