Ideas to create an extra bedroom

Have a small extra bedroom in the house without needing to build a room more is a practical solution to solve space problems. We refer to create a comfortable area for rest in different spaces and gaps, some really unusual, as they show the following proposals.

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It is about reusing spaces that were not intended for this use, but where you could create great places to place a bed or a mattress: a space next to a wide window, a loft, the hole under the staircase ... Taking advantage of the spaces architectural aspects of the home in a surprising way.

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Guest rooms extras 3

These ideas allow us to maximize the space to counteract the original deficiencies of the home, something especially necessary in houses of few square meters or when the family grows.

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Guest rooms extras 5

Improvising these spaces is quite easy if we know how to prioritize effectively, creating places for relaxation with maximum comfort. In this regard, it would not be necessary to use a mattress, it would be enough with a wide mattress or use wooden pallets under it. We must also ensure that these extra zones are away from sources of noise and are located in places that do not interfere with the passage. In this sense, the heights are usually quite practical places for this new bedroom.

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In short, different solutions, all simple and basic, to locate an extra bed with ease. And surely, with a little creativity, you can find more places for these spaces destined for rest ...

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