Ideas to create a more natural room

The more natural decorative trends They are imposing themselves with great force. In the search for a more tranquil, simple and ecological way of life, this current seeks the creation of spaces that invite rest, while taking advantage of all resources in a more optimal way. And this includes from enjoying the natural light until the recycling of furniture and accessories . The result is more natural, warm and welcoming rooms.

Natural style Livings 1

As we can see, the color ranges chosen are ranges of soft tones , especially in white and beige. These neutral colors highlight naturalness, create cleaner spaces and convey the idea of ​​peace we are looking for. The tissues used are also more natural and the decoration is simple, not overloaded.

Natural style Livings 2

Decorative accessories tend to be part of nature: fruit centerpieces, baskets, flowers and even paintings with flora and fauna motifs, although this is something that goes with the personal tastes of each one.

In black and white, this room is balanced and bright. If you want your room to look more natural, go ahead and put into practice that phrase that says "less is more". All very Zen, of course, because it is based on creating subtle and comfortable decorations.

Natural style Livings 3

The color cream and green work very well in this room with natural dyes and the most welcoming details:

Natural style Livings 4

Natural mat, rustic furniture and decorative floral accessories with an ethnic touch, create a delicate and very, very cozy space. Light pours in through the window and the color white maximizes it. There is no doubt that these rooms invite you to relax in them.

Natural style Livings 5


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