Ideas from our readers: Nature at home

A reader of He has shared this idea with us. It is the first post that comes after inviting them to participate.
Lucy A. writes us from Badajoz, and the inspiration for her has been this house. The peculiarity of it, is that it is located in the city of Sigapur, but in its interior nature has its own place.
Lucy A tells us:

Friends of, I decided to send you these photos of a wonderful residence in Singapore. This work of art, how I defined it myself, is the work of Chang Architects.
The owners of the property wanted to have nature at home, without needing to move into the middle of it. It is for this reason that these architects found the way to have it in all the spaces of this home. There are trees inside, plants in the kitchen, rooms, everywhere! It does not seem fantastic!
I leave some photos to see and the link to the web. Greetings to all!

Let's see some photos of this house:

Nature in the home1

Nature in the home2

Nature in the home3

The truth, it's a very good idea! Thanks Lucy A.


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