Ideas for your reception to be cozy

First impressions are very important in all aspects of life and the decoration of the home was not going to be an exception. The entrance hall is the first place in our house that any visitor steps on and that first impression you receive will mark your opinion about the rest of the house and about us. It will not hurt to take a look at these decorative proposals for your hall that we have collected.

Receiving ideas 1

The symmetry It is essential when the hall adjoins a corridor at the back, it produces a very good impression of order and safety. Duplicating the furniture and the decoration of the walls favor the entrance towards that corridor of the bottom.

Receiving ideas 2

The hall is an ideal space for set the tone of our decoration and therefore of the personality that inhabits the house. Our tastes and desires will give personality to the receiver so that it is not a mere transit space but a whole declaration of principles.

Receiving ideas 3

When the hall is wide or part of an open space is important highlight its functionality . Using the right furniture like these armchairs on the carpet, a symbol of hospitality, will create a pleasant atmosphere so that people who come home feel comfortable and welcome.

Receiving ideas 4

If the housing is not too spacious we can to take advantage of the hall as a storage area , in the example above we see some beautiful baskets that can be used to store anything, from shoes to blankets.

Receiving ideas 5

Our small and particular showroom , is another role that the receiver can play especially when a stair part of it. Taking advantage of that asymmetrical wall of the staircase to expose our best works of art is a good idea. Or on a table to place a nice collection of those decorative objects that we have been collecting throughout our lives.


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