Ideas for very small spaces

In the small spaces We must sharpen the ingenuity to get the most out of every inch of the apartment and this dilemma is presented to more and more people. Having to organize in homes less than fifty meters is not easy but neither is it impossible.

Small spaces 1

It is very common to resort to a sofa bed, bunk beds, trundle beds or tables with extendable wings as well as all kinds of folding furniture and storage. Since the horizontal space is small, the horizontal space should be maximized by choosing, for example, cupboards with less depth but reaching the ceiling. But the alternatives go much further. With bespoke, customizable furniture that will make life in these small spaces It is much more comfortable and functional, with a very modern design.

Small spaces 2

This closet will give you a lot of space to store things without stealing too much space. The color is perfect since it is clear and gives amplitude despite being large size does not overload or gives a feeling of overwhelm. But the best thing is that not only gives the solution to eat, write or use the laptop with a nice folding table, also hides a comfortable double bed. It is perfect for apartments in which the main room, and unique, to be used as a bedroom, living room and dining room.

Small spaces 3

There are also similar models that replace the table with a sofa and also have a double bed, an aid so that you can choose according to your needs.

Small spaces 4

This furniture is ideal to have a work or study area with all the comforts of day and at night to be used as a bedroom. It has a lot of storage space and takes advantage of the entire height of the room. There are many variants in terms of style and also in shapes and colors. You can find similar models with two single beds, bunk beds and even one double and one single.

Small spaces 5

Small spaces 6

This small coffee table becomes a large dining table with a very modern and beautiful design! Go through different positions to use the one that suits you best in terms of height and number of guests. There are many models with similar characteristics, such as this hallway furniture that turns into a large dining table for several diners.

Small spaces 7

If you are thinking of redecorating your apartment or you are going to install yourself in a safe one, this is very useful for you!


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