Ideas for the use of room dividers

Any space is divisible, that is the basic premise on which the use of separating elements is based to create different environments. There have always been mobile elements to separate environments, such as screens or furniture has been used to create different spaces. At present there are numerous elements both mobile and fixed that we can use as space separators.

Room separator 1

The range of possibilities is very wide and we can find room dividers in multiple styles, both in classic oriental style and modern and contemporary style. We will always find a room separator that fits our decoration style.

Room separator 2

We are going to do next a small revision of the possibilities that these complements present us:

  • Create different areas in the living room. In modern open plan designs, room dividers make it easier for us to delimit the different zones. With a room divider we can create a small reading area, intimate and private, with a sofa or our favorite armchair, a lamp and a coffee table, it will be our personal redoubt without the need to build a material space. We just need a symbol, a delimitation sketch to feel comfortable in our personal space.
  • Maybe we need a work area, a place to install our small office. There is no need to resort to an exclusive stay, with room dividers we can create this space in any room of the house. Install a desk and a filing cabinet in the place that is most practical and pleasant.
  • If we have a large living room we can create for example two different spaces with space separators. In one of the spaces we can create the entertainment area of ​​the family with all the corresponding audiovisual equipment, television, audio equipment, games, etc ... The other area we can arrange as a space for the reception of guests and visitors.
  • To create a playground for children if we have small at home, with a screen and some storage furniture, the children will have all their things in their own space.
  • In a youth room you can create a private space with room dividers as a dressing room. Actually this option can be applied to any bedroom in the house.

In short, with room dividers we can solve much of the privacy needs that arise, have been a classic resource but we can find very modern accessories for that purpose.


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