Ideas for the room of the little ones

More than a headache we have taken the parents when we do not know how to decorate the room of our children. Here we give some ideas, many of them very simple, from how to decorate the walls to make an ideal set for the small room , that serves so much when they are smaller until adolescence, changing a couple of details.

Ideas for the room of the little ones

We start with this nice wall of shoes type Converse doing like a valance. Simply draw a template and measure so that it is straight. The furniture can be made of wood, with colored drawers.
Ideally, the shoes should be colored the same color as the drawers of the furniture, exactly the same tonality, so it is advisable to color the shoes after having bought the furniture. This style can serve since they are babies until they are children a little older.

Ideas for the room of the little ones 1

This is another lovely idea. It will undoubtedly foster the imagination of the little ones. With a shelter where you can meet with your friends, replacing the typical tree hut. A fun desk and a blackboard where you can paint and erase as many times as you want. It looks spacious, spacious, and bright despite the fact that they have many things and very original.

Ideas for the room of the little ones 2

For when they are a little older, we could be inspired by this other photo. A little more mature while still childish, combines furniture in wood with blue. The colorful carpet removes sobriety from the design, and the window with fish combined with the color of the rest of the room, simple and beautiful.

Ideas for the room of the little ones 3

And finally, this room simulating the structure of a ship, no doubt the guys will love it. We can use boxes, stickers or posters in the form of a circle to simulate portholes. My idea is to send for example to print photos of series or aquatic cartoons, for example, The little Mermaid , or sponge Bob . The detail of the lifebuoy will undoubtedly give the final sailor touch. If we add red touches to the already present blue ornaments, there will be the three colors par excellence that give marine life. So we see that, with a few details, any room that was initially simple, can be returned to the most original room we have seen. You do not even need a high budget, so ... no excuses!

Photos: housetohome mundorecetas

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