Ideas for the bathroom: Trunks

Nowadays finding unique furniture is not usually cheap, but if what you are looking for are original ideas and that create impact without spending a lot of money, this could be one of them.

Ideas for the bathroom: Trunks

It's about using old trunks and suitcases travel, with which formerly our grandparents undertook the fearful adventure of, at that time, take a plane, in order to create harmonious compositions for your bathroom .
While it is true that we need spacious bathrooms, we can always find a way that our genius does not overload the space; you have to take into account the size and color of the suitcases, which well looked at can be anybody with a coat of paint.

Ideas for the bathroom: Trunks 1

Ideas for the bathroom: Trunks 2

Dark colors always carry more space than clear ones, but if you have enough square meters, it's no problem. For those who have already found the problem of space and drawers in which to hide those elements that you wish to be in view, you can find without too much effort auxiliary departments that combine with the theme, or stack small suitcases in order to make the drawer function.

Ideas for the bathroom: Trunks 3

Ideas for the bathroom: Trunks 4

In my opinion it is an easily applicable and very striking idea, the contrast of marble and suitcases is frankly spectacular and will undoubtedly differentiate your bathroom from anyone's.

Ideas for the bathroom: Trunks 5

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