Ideas for the base of the Christmas tree

If you want to put something different to the traditional skirt at the base of your Christmas tree, take a look at the proposals that we present below. There is something for everyone, you can choose the option that best suits your decorative style and your tree will look much more original.

Base Christmas tree 1

A wooden box with wheels It is a good aesthetic option, it will combine perfectly if the style of your decoration is industrial, rustic or shabby chic. You can paint it with the same tone that predominates in the room, the white is ideal, you can also decorate it with some reference to the holidays like that arrow that points to the North Pole in the image above.

Christmas tree base 3

If you want a more natural option, if you can, you can opt for a Wicker basket . In this case you can leave the tree with the root ball and after the parties plant it outside.

Christmas tree base 2

Is pineapple base It is original and easy to make. We will take a walk any weekend to pick up a bunch of dried pineapples. We can use them as is or decorate them with a little white paint or white glitter.

Christmas tree base 4

Speaking of natural options this is not far behind, a piece of old trunk with its natural patina it will be a great base for a Christmas tree. The contrast between the intense green of the tree and the dark color of the trunk is perfect. It can be used in any decorative style.

Christmas tree base 5

Above we showed you a base made with a box of fruit , well if your tree is of great proportions you can manufacture this particular "fence" with a large industrial packing box.

Christmas tree base 6

We can also use a zinc tub or tub , will also combine us with almost any modern style of decoration from rustic to industrial. If it is old it will give us a warm vintage touch for the decoration of these so endearing and familiar holidays.


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