Ideas for storing wine at home

When we like to taste a glass of wine from time to time, we always have the doubt of where to store those bottles that we are collecting. With these ideas to store wine at home we hope you can solve that doubt.


Go ahead that the best way to preserve the wine is in a cellar, either classic or in a wine cabinet that is where we can keep them in the best conditions.


But if you only usually have a few bottles or keep your house well heated you can use some of these proposals without any problem.


We will try to mount some of these wall racks in a place where it does not receive sunlight and that is kept at a constant temperature.


There are many DIY ideas to make bottle racks very easily. This one has been made with exterior wood and nails.


This original wine rack has been made using pallet wood. It allows to store the bottles and a good assortment of glasses.


And if we are not very handy we can always buy a nice wall rack, in wood like this or ...


... like this little work of art made of metal.


Simple idea for a wine rack with PVC pipes and a couple of boards. It has also been painted with slate paint to have a surface to draw or write down.


This minimalist wine rack is great in this kitchen of the same style and allows you to store a lot of bottles of wine.


If we are going to do works we can take advantage to send us a wine rack embedded in the wall.


It is a good solution because apart from being very well integrated the wine will be quite protected.


A professional style furniture that can also be easily made with wooden boxes.


We can also find special drawers to store wine bottles.


And we can have them like that in the kitchen, even if it is not under the cooking zone so that the temperature is not too high.


The islands are also a good place to store wine bottles.


This solution is one of the most intelligent, a wine storage cabinet and a shelf above for the preferred wines.


Taking advantage of the stairwell is also a good idea, similar to the built-in shelving we've seen before.


This great bottle is very original and of course very decorative.

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